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Haint Haint

What if a cursed camera could release a soul trapped between the Quick and the Dead?

In HAINT, a down-and-out photographer accidentally captures her sitter's soul with her ancestor's Civil War era camera. To save the sitter, she time-travels to 1862 and battles the HAINT, a jealous and vengeful ghost, for her ancestor's necromancy secret.

Porch Dogs Porch Dogs

PORCH DOGS combines fine-art portraits of man's best friend with beautiful architectural documentation of the Southern porch.

Nell Dickerson fondly recalls childhood nights on the sleeping porch of her grandparents' Mississippi Delta home the sounds of katydids, cicadas, and tree frogs, the merciful breeze from the overhead fan. But during the heat of the day, the family sought refuge indoors, leaving the dog to his lonely vigil. "I felt like he understood that the porch was the gateway between inside and outside and that it was his duty to keep sentry there in case someone wanted to pass," she recalls. Years later, Dickerson noticed that few new homes had porches; their residents increasingly dependent on air conditioning. "We Southerners used to be social," she notes. "Now, we risk losing what makes us Southern: porch sitting. But there is hope. Our dogs maintain the tradition.

PORCH DOGS debuted in 2013 as #1 on Amazon's list for both Photography and Animals. In 2014, Porch Dogs won both an Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award™ and a Gold Medal. It also won a Bronze Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.


Photographer and architect Nell Dickerson began her exploration of antebellum homesteads with encouragement from her cousin-in-law renowned Civil War historian and novelist, Shelby Foote. Her passion for forgotten and neglected buildings became a plea for preservation.

GONE is a unique pairing of modern photographs and historical novella. Foote offers a heartbreaking look at one man s loss as Union troops burn his home in the last days of the Civil War.

Dickerson shares fascinating and haunting photographs to shine a poignant light on the buildings which survived Sherman's burning rampage across the Confederacy, only to fall victim to neglect, apathy and poverty. GONE is a powerfully moving volume that will change how one sees the forgotten buildings that hide in obscurity across the Southern landscape.

GONE debuted in 2011 as #1 on Amazon’s lists for both Photography and Architecture books.