Nell tells stories with Words & Images.

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Virunga Mountain Gorilla Conservation

Nell's photographs are visual narratives about the importance of protecting our endangered wildlife. Global demand for illegal wildlife products has decimated Africa’s wildlife populations. From ivory to rhino horn, pangolin scales, lion bone, and more, those consumers rob Africa of its wildlife resources. Photography is a means to first captivate, then educate the viewer about Africa's beauty. Nell hopes her photographs will help protect this dynamic and rapidly growing continent.

Mississippi Antebellum House Preservation

The preservation of American southern culture informs Nell’s writing and photography. She grew up in the Deep South where antebellum ruins sparked her historic preservation passion. Her recent work explores the root of southern culture, Africa, where she creates environmental wildlife portraits. Nell's photographs are in juried and gallery shows in the USA and Europe. She obtained a BA degree in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and a BFA in Film and Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. Nell received her Masters of Architecture degree from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She's had an extensive Hollywood film production career and is a licensed architect with a speciality in historic preservation.

Rwanda Tea Plantation Outreach

Nell supports local communities to help them achieve self-determination. She has collaborated with the Navajo Nation and several groups in Africa to support conservation education programs, community initiatives, and environmental stewardship. She donates time and contributes resources to support groups such as the Kerisoke Research Center, SACOLA, and ecotourist foundations including Wilderness, Great Plains, &Beyond Impact, and Oryx Conservation Fund.

Rwanda Bridge Build Participate

Donations are great, but field work is better. To make a real difference, you must give your time, share the pain, and bring your talents to bear for good.

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