All paths lead to the same place.

The preservation of southern culture informs Nell Dickerson’s photography. She grew up in the deep South where antebellum ruins sparked her historic preservation passion.

Her recent work explores the root of southern culture, Africa, where she creates environmental portraits.

Nell's photographs are in juried and gallery shows in the USA and Europe.

She obtained her first BA degree in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Two years later, she obtained a BFA in Film and Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. After ten years working and living in Hollywood, most states south of I-40, and Switzerland, Nell went back to school for her Masters of Architecture from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

She is a licensed architect.

::Photography CV::

Nell is writing a new fiction series about a time-traveling photographer who encounters cursed cameras.

She has two commercially successful photography books in print:

GONE: A Photographic Plea for Preservation (BelleBooks, Inc.; 120 pages) debuted in 2011 as #1 on Amazon’s lists for both Photography and Architecture books.

PORCH DOGS (John F. Blair Publisher; 112 pages) debuted in 2013 as #1 on Amazon's list for both Photography and Animals. In 2014, Porch Dogs won both an Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award™ and a Gold Medal. It also won a Bronze Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

More photography books to come...


Nell maintains parallel careers in production design, art direction, and set design for feature films, documentaries, and commercials.


"The Invaders"/Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah, Directors

"The Giving Hat"/St. Jude Productions/Clay Hurley, Producer/Director


"East Meets West"/Okamoto Mineko Productions/Toby Corbett, Production Designer

"Wasteland"/The Airwaves Project/Patrick Nagatani, Production Designer

"Rockula" Cannon Films/Jane Stewart, Production Designer

"Nightlife"/Wildnight Productions/Philip Thomas, Production Designer


"21 Grams"/Universal Pictures/Brigitte Broch, Production Designer

"The Rainmaker/American Zoetrope/Howard Cummings, Production Design


"The Quick & the Dead"/Tri-Star Pictures/Patrizia v. Brandenstein, Production Designer

"Tombstone"/Cinergi/Buena Vista/Catherine Hardwicke, Production Designer

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