Cursed Camera


a series of ghost-story novels

About the CURSED CAMERA series

"HAINT" is the first book in the series.

With her cursed camera, a down-and-out reenactment photographer traps the soul of her would-be lover at the instant of his accidental death. To resurrect him, she time-travels to the Civil War and battles a vengeful jealous haint, for their mutual ancestor’s death-reversing dueling pistol. There is only one bullet left, thus one opportunity for either the haint or the lover to live. Dead or alive, the haint vows to haunt the photographer for eternity.

At the end of the story, the photographer returns to the attic—where she first found her great-great grandfather’s Civil War-era camera and unleashed the haint—and uncovers a cache with three more cameras, each is a catalyst for more time-travel where she suffers from mistaken identity and confronts a ghost for her survival. Their two-dog/one-bone battle forces her to becomes the reluctant rescuer for those who cannot ‘fend for themselves.

Stay tuned for publication details.

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