Porch Dogs

porch dogs

Sentinels of the South


It wasn’t the Civil War that killed the South…it was air conditioning!

There was a time when almost every significant life event occurred on the porch. People visited with one another; courted; conducted important business, ate all their summertime meals there; cleaned their guns and boots; shelled butterbeans; and listened to crickets while gazing at the star-filled sky. Porch Sitting, one of the most important past times of our Southern culture, has gone the way of hand-churned ice cream and snipe hunts. Now, most people prefer to stay inside their houses and wrap themselves in blankets of isolation. However, our dogs maintain the tradition. These Sentinels of the South know the importance of keeping vigil and protecting one of our most sacred architectural manifestations of being “Southern,” the porch.

The photographic series, PORCH DOGS, is a collection of environmental portraits of the Southern Dog and his or her universe.

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