NELL tells stories with words and images.



Nell Dickerson writes both fiction and illustrated books about the preservation of Southern culture.

She holds a BA in Anthropology (Southern Methodist University), a BFA in Film (San Francisco Art Institute), and a Masters of Architecture (University of New Mexico); with accompanying Photography minors. Her photographs appear in juried and gallery exhibitions around the United States. She also maintains a parallel career working on feature films in animation, lighting, art direction, and set design.

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Her Southern Preservation Photography series, GONE: A Photographic Plea for Preservation (BelleBooks, Inc.; 120 pages) debuted in 2011 as #1 on Amazon’s lists for both Photography and Architecture books. PORCH DOGS (John F. Blair Publisher; 112 pages) debuted in 2013 as #1 on Amazon's list for both Photography and Animals. In 2014, Porch Dogs won both an Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award™ and a Gold Medal. It also won a Bronze Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Nell is currently working on the third book in the photography series.

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Nell is also writing a new fiction series about a time-traveling photographer who encounters cursed cameras.